Monday 12th December 2016 – Little Ralph

I’m waiting for news on my nephew. He was being picked up from Switzerland at the weekend and should now be in his new English home. I don’t know when I’m going to get to meet him, but it’s exciting to know that he’s much nearer and that I might see him before too long. I do hope he’s behaving himself.

Mum took me for a different walk yesterday and it nearly all went a bit wrong. Unbeknown to her, a small runway for light aircraft now seems to be in use where we used to walk and she had planned to walk across that bit of land. However, as there was a small aircraft being prepared for take off she thought better of it and we walked the long way around instead. I did want to go and give it a good sniff and learn more about it, but she explained what was about to happen, which did a rather good job of dissuading me. As it was, I did get to watch it take off so she was probably right. I asked if we could go across after it had gone up, but she pointed out that at some point it would need to land again so it might not be such a good idea.

Our Master will get to be Santa’s body double again next weekend. He’s already practising his lines and is now to be found saying ‘ho ho ho’ at every opportunity. I’m hoping I can go to see him again this year, but Mum says I would probably be in the way as she will be helping. She also said that for safety, she prefers me not to be around lots of mince pies as the filling is highly toxic to dogs and I’m very precious to her. After that, you can’t really complain about being left out. I didn’t feel quite so disappointed when I heard that Rudolph couldn’t make it this year.

Have a good week

Love Wilma

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