Wednesday 14th December 2016 – Never ending Advent

There are children out there who think Advent is never-ending because they are looking forward to The Big Day. And of course there are people out there thinking it is way too short because they’ve already eaten the chocolates behind the little windows. Here however, we have the problem of the Advent candle. Disappointed that in past years the candle has burnt too quickly, our Mistress did some research and bought a more chunky Advent candle that would take a little longer to burn… or a lot longer as the case may be. Every evening the candle is lit for the couple of hours that our Master and Mistress sit down in the other room. Every night our Mistress blows it out just before going to bed. So far we seem to have got as far as the 6th December, which makes it about eight days slow by my count. That means it’s losing more than a day every 24hours so unless she starts to leave it on all day even when she’s in another room, it is never going to be Christmas in our house. At least not according to the candle. It could be a very long build up or we might just miss the big day altogether.

Our Mistress does however think home delivery is a wonderful thing. She doesn’t like shopping at the best of times, unless we can all go with her and frankly most shops frown at you turning up with a whole pack of dogs. Shadow also thinks home delivery is wonderful, but for a completely different reason. She just loves her role as chief defender of the home and sits on her dining chair by the window watching for the next delivery and then trying to bark enough to scare them off. Fortunately, she has failed so far and the deliveries have got through safely, although our Mistress usually goes around the house from the back door to save running into Shadow’s path in the process.

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