Thursday 15th December 2016 – Looks can be deceptive

Me caught having 40 winks

It didn’t look as though our village pond was very deep until it was dredged. Now I realise the middles is rather more feet deep than I would care to swim in. It’s certainly put me off the idea of following any of the ducks into the water. We just need it to fill with water again now. It’s fed by a natural spring, but I’m guessing that some rain would help it along. If it is anything like recently there will be rain along fairly soon and, if it turns out to be like last year, it will be full to overflowing within an alarmingly short space of time.

I wonder how long it will take for the ducks to move back in and whether they will like the repairs that have been made to their home.

The weather was reasonable here yesterday, despite us now being down to under seven and half hours of daylight, and our Mistress made the most of it to make sure everyone got a good walk who wanted one. It may not surprise you to learn, that I didn’t want one! It’s so funny when they come back. Shadow is always moaning because of all the mud around at the moment and with her tummy being much lower to the ground than the rest of us, she gets fed up with all the splatters of mud across her undercarriage. Wilma on the other paw comes back moaning that she has not been allowed to roll in the mud or run and play in the muck heap that is now at the side of where she walked. Oh she tried, but our Mistress had her under tight control, knowing full well she’d both roll in it and eat it given the opportunity. Aristotle just wonders what all the fuss is about and manages to come back relatively clean.

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