Wednesday 21st December 2016 – My tree is bigger than her tree

We’re having a slightly over Christmassy Christmas this year. Wilma asked me to take a photo of her with her Christmas tree in the office. It would have had one more bauble, but she tried eating that one! I thought to myself that if she can do it, so I can. Have a photo with a tree that is, not eat a bauble – I’m not that stupid. Which in turn set our Mistress off to want a photo of her little tree outside, but she chose not to stand in front of it as you wouldn’t have seen the tree. I think it’s fair to say that my tree is by far the biggest! Ok so it’s not strictly mine, but I’m claiming it by dint of seniority.

I have to go to the vet this morning. I’ve having my annual vaccinations and she is going to check my thyroid gland again to see if it is any better or worse than last week. Having my kennel cough booster up my nose is the lowlight of the day – at least I hope it won’t get any worse than that. I was originally going tomorrow and then on the way back was going to have to live through the torture of our Mistress collecting a goose and me not be able to get my paws on it. It’s probably a good job that those two things are now happening as separate events.

I’ve been working on my big speech to all you young pups on Christmas day. I think I’ve got the bones of it together, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’m going to take a few days off either side of Christmas and hand over to my little pal Wilma whose got more energy than she knows what to do with, but I’ll be around on Christmas day so I’ll see you then.

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