Thursday 22nd December 2016 – Christmas Shopping

Just because I’m a girl does not mean I like shopping. What is it with humans? Today I have to go Christmas shopping ‘just in case they are out longer than planned’. I’d rather stay at home and play with my toys, but apparently that’s not an option. Thankfully most stores don’t allow dogs so I don’t actually have to carry the bags, but I do have to sit in the car and look interested when they keep coming back to it and leaving me to look after all

Me caught having 40 winks

their purchases. To be fair, Mum doesn’t like shopping either and wouldn’t be going if she didn’t have to. She’s ordered most of the presents on line, but there are just a few things still needed which involve going to real shops. She hates crowds, very much dislikes struggling to park and would rather spend the day at home playing with my toys too. However, today more than anything was about Dad shopping and his back is bad so he may not actually be going. I said if he was staying here couldn’t I stay too, but it seems that I bounce too much and besides Mum likes having me with her as it cheers her up, so shopping it will be.

When I started doing my tests for breeding, before we found my heart murmur, I had my hips x-rayed as part of the process. I finally got the results yesterday and they’re a B although not far off being a C. In total I scored 21 and lower is better. B goes up to 25. Shadow was a B but hers were 19 so a little better than mine.  That’s not great, but not too bad either. They aren’t as good as many of the others of my breed who have been tested here, so Mum says I should be a little bit careful about the things I do as I get older, but as long as I’m not stupid hopefully they’ll be fine. Honestly, what does she think I’m going to do? Although to be fair she has caught me jumping over the gates when I can’t be bothered to open them.

Have fun


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