Friday 23rd December 2016 – It wasn’t so bad

As it turned out shopping wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t as hard to park as Mum had said it might be and Dad was able to come, so we didn’t take as long either. When all the other shopping was finished, Mum took me to the pet shop to choose what I’d like for Christmas. I’ve got some great presents, but I’m not allowed to have them until Christmas Day. Except that is for my new Santa hat which I’m allowed to wear now. It’s going to look just great later on with my jumper too. We were all really tired by the time we’d finished, but Mum still had presents to wrap so I had to curl up for a sleep on my own.

Whilst we were out, the weirdest thing happened. At the side of our garden, between us and next door, there are a whole line of very big trees. More to the point, there was a lone of very big trees when we went shopping in the morning. There was a weird big open gap when we got home. Unfortunately the trees were very poorly and one after another were dying. The man who came said they would all need to come out before anything else was planted so that they didn’t pass on the disease they had. Now he’s gone away to work out how the ground needs to be treated before anything else can be planted. Mum is a bit worried in case the treatment is not safe for us, so has asked if they can let her know what it will be so she can make sure we are kept out of the way if necessary. Mum has also said to me that if I see the squirrel jump over the fence just there then I mustn’t try to follow it. That’s going to be a hard one. I can see me doing it before I realise what I’ve done and ending up in next door’s garden!

Have a good day

Love Wilma

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