Saturday 24th December 2016 – Happy Christmas from Wilma

I heard from my nephew Ralph in the week. He’s settling in well and so far is being a very well behaved boy. I’m sure that will change. He sent me this lovely photo too. I wonder if he’s getting as excited about Christmas as I am? I just can’t wait. I’ve seen my pile of presents and I really want to open them now. To be fair I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the presents of the fact I’m going for a really good doggy romp in the morning. I’m guessing with how the weather has been there is going to be lots and lots of mud. I do hope Mum is going prepared. She’s always got towels for me, but I hope she remembers to take a change of clothing for her or she’s going to look very odd when she sits down to Christmas lunch with the rest of the family.

Today I’m going to see my maternal human grandparents and cousins. I can’t wait. I don’t think I can be in the restaurant part for the meal, which is a shame as I was hoping for some turkey, but I guess Mum might save me some if I’m lucky. After all, she’s trying to cut down so I would be helping.

I guess this is my opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I do hope Santa brings you everything you asked for and that you have a wonderful time whatever you are doing. I know for some Christmas can be a very lonely time, I just wish I could come and give all of you who are lonely or sad a dog lick and snuggle to cheer your Christmas. Perhaps I should set up a doggy Christmas day visiting service to go and see those with no one to spend the day with and no dog to cuddle. Anyway, I’m sending you all virtual licks and cuddles. A very special happy Christmas to all my family in Switzerland too. I know I can’t be with you, but I’m thinking of you all.

All my love


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    • Thank you. Mum and I are wearing our matching jumpers today. I’m hoping someone will take a photo of us. Have a lovely Christmas.

    • And a very happy Christmas to you. I’ll do my best not to chase the purrs and miaows for one day. I’ve been trying to chase rabbits though!
      love Wilma

  1. Hello Wilma, Merry Christmas to you and all the family. It is hectic here as one of the beagles has a broken toe! We do not know how she did it but she has to have a splint on for 4 weeks. She cannot go for walks. Anyway, I have had the most fun running in the woods today, my Mum kept hiding and I had to find her. I ran and ran and ran so I am off for a quick nap. We love the photo of your nephew he is very handsome. Lots of love to you all, Dickens and all the family. XXXXXXX

    • Oh no, a broken toe is no fun. I do hope it heals soon. I’m glad you can still enjoy the woods. I’m looking forward to a run tomorrow.
      Happy Christmas
      Love Wilma

  2. We here in Switzerland think of you as well, of course. Have a good time and don’t eat too much and especially not the wrong things.

    Yesterday we returned from Dortmund (Germany) where our Valeria – your older half sister – had a mating date with “Billy aus dem Hause Ramm”. They had a very good time together and we now hope for … well – for more puppies, what else.

    For me the trip was not the very best I ever had – much too much waiting time in the car. I hope it was worth it and Valeria’ll have a bunch of healthy puppies in 9 weeks time.

    We met very friendly and welcoming people once more on one of our “mating trips”. It’s great to meet dog owners who care for our breed – never did we have any problem whatsoever – just pure joy.



    • Oh Mama, how exciting. I do hope everything goes well. I shall look forward to watching them grow.
      Happy Christmas
      your ever loving daughter

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