Monday 26th December 2016 – An Awesome Christmas

Nurse Wilma
Wilma and Koppa

I had the best morning ever yesterday. Koppa is another Entlebucher who is only a month older than me. We’re about the same size and really enjoyed playing together. Koppa likes chasing the ball and I liked chasing Koppa, which all worked out really well. I’ve never quite got playing ball, but chase is just my favourite game, ever. At one point a greyhound came past, and of course, I gave chase. Everyone was amazed that a pretty much kept up with him. It was fantastic. I did come back eventually but not until we’d run off in lots of circles round all the humans. Mum was worried I was going to chase the swans and geese into the water, but I only went after the crows, so we were ok. She had moved everything out of her trouser pockets in case she had to go into the river after me, but I was good, really I was … if you discount all the mud I found. Afterwards we went back to Koppa’s house so I could have a shower before going back to the car. The humans had walked about 5 miles and I must have done several times as far as that, but I still wasn’t worn out and could have kept going all day. Mum says I’m fitter than any of the other dogs she’s ever had, even though I have a heart murmur. I did as I was told most of the time too, maybe not immediately, but sometimes you have to finish what you’re doing first before you do something else. Anyway, it was just great and i really want to see Koppa again soon, because he’s just great. I hope I can see him again soon. It didn’t even matter that I didn’t get to open my presents until later or that I had to sit in the car while the humans had lunch. I was still a very happy dog.

Today there will be more presents as it’s Dad’s birthday, but I don’t think the presents will be for me, although I’m sure he’ll share.

Have a great day

love Wilma


  1. Hi Wilma, Sounds as if you had a great time. We have all the family coming today including baby Ruby so I have to be a good boy. Please say Happy Birthday to your Dad from me. He looked after me with Shadow when I was a puppy. Have a great day. Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • I hope you have a wonderful day too. Having a baby to look after sounds a great job for you. I’m sure you’ll be wonderful.

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