Saturday 31st December 2016 – You have to worry

Mum went to London for the day yesterday leaving us in charge of Dad – or maybe it was Dad in charge of us. Everything was fine, we all behaved perfectly, Dad included, as you would expect. It’s Mum you have to worry about. She’s taking her ability to control technology in the house from a remote location way too seriously. When she got back on the train to come home she made ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for’ play at full volume in the lounge, even though she was still 200 miles away. It would have been a much better joke if anyone had been in the lounge at the time and as it turned out only me and Shadow heard it, but the thought was there.

We’ve been sitting down making our New Year’s Resolutions. Mum always gets a bit carried away and comes up with loads, but I’ve decided to make just one. My resolution is to pass my Silver Good Citizen Test. I’m sure if I try hard I can do it. Shadow says she’s above making resolutions and is just going to go on being herself. Alfie says it’s enough for him to resolve to still be here to make another resolution next year and Aristotle is resolving to be nice to Alfie. Mum says I will have to start working on my resolution by doing some ordinary training and that if things go to plan I can start going back to my classes from next week. What I really need to do is find ways to stop myself getting bored in between the exercises. I know deep down I can be a good dog, but it’s just so hard when it’s not my turn to take part.

Anyway, here’s hoping you all have a good new year.



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