Sunday 1st January 2017 – Happy New Year from Alfie

Wilma and Alfie

I know it’s Sunday and I don’t normally do the Sunday shift, but I wanted to wish all my wonderful friends out there a very happy and healthy new year. To dogs and humans alike, may 2017 be a year in which the good times outweigh the bad times. A year in which you have the strength for everything that you need to do and the energy for more besides. A year in which you can achieve the things that will make you proud of your labours and in which you are surrounded by the love and comfort that you need.

It is almost certain that the world will face many troubles this year, but let it be a time when each of us, in our own small ways, sets out to make it a better place than it would be without our efforts. May we each add a little warmth and kindness to those around us and out of the plenty that we have, support those who need our bounty. That doesn’t have to be about money. Some of us have plenty of time, some plenty of love, some plenty of patience – whatever you have enough to spare, use it to give to those who need it most. If we all did that then the beauty would be that someone out there will have the plenty for whatever the support is that you need too. I’m an old dog now, but I can still give love and comfort where it is needed. I gave quite a lot of spare fur yesterday so some little bird building its nest might have a thermal lining for their little ones. I hope it goes to good use.

Anyway, I just wanted to say ‘Happy New Year’ to you all. Let’s make it the best year it can be.


Your faithful friend, Alfie

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  1. Well said, Alfie. Let’s hope that 2017 is at least better. Happy New Year to you and yours too … Hugs xxx

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