Tuesday 3rd January 2017 – The moose has had enough

I really do mean moose and not mouse on this occasion. Our humans, odd that they are, have a stuffed fake moose’s head in the hall. They bought it on holiday in Canada, if they needed any excuse to be odd at all! Anyway, every Christmas our Mistress adorns it with a Santa hat to make it part of our festivities. Yesterday, she was busy in the dining room when all of a sudden she heard a loud crashing of baubles. Sadly, the moose had had enough and had jumped off the wall crashing into the Christmas tree and knocking off and smashing a couple of baubles. It seemed a great length to go to in order to get rid of the Santa hat. It worked though. Moose is being repaired so he can go back up, but the Santa hat is now firmly put away until next year. Moose has done us a favour really, as our Mistress has seen it as a sign that she should start to take the other decorations down as well. They were going to have to come down sooner or later and, to be honest, sooner is fine by me.

Wilma is excited as she has heard from another of our breed in Germany who is coming over for Crufts. She can’t wait to meet him. It’s only two months away now and Wilma is going to have to do a lot of work if she’s going to do ok in the show ring. She says she can do it and when she’s that determined I’m sure she will. Shadow is more aloof about everything. She says she’s just going to be herself in the show ring and if they judges don’t like her then it’s their problem rather than hers. That’s Shadow for you.

I’m supposed to be going swimming later, but I have to say I’m not awfully keen on leaving the house right now. I think staying here is far easier to be honest.

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