Saturday 7th January 2017 – Not all sweetness and light

Me caught having 40 winks

Take no notice of whatever Wilma says to you about how good she is, she is a mischievous puppy. Oh don’t think I’m saying that’s a bad thing, in my book that’s how it’s supposed to be and I feel that she is learning well from my example. In theory at training she is supposed by this stage to work without treats. However, I have taught her that’s a mug’s game and she really needs to demand nothing but the best in order to comply with a human’s request. Ok, so I’ve softened a bit as I’ve got older but if I don’t like what’s being suggested I still hold out until an upgrade is offered.

You might think by the age of nearly eighteen months she shouldn’t be regarding herself as a puppy anymore, but I’m five and I still try to claim that prerogative at times. I only finally accepted there were times I needed to behave like an adult when I turned four and don’t think I will ever total accept adulthood. To be fair, it’s a trait that runs in our household. For Christmas our Mistress bought a tee shirt for our Master which says ‘Cleverly disguised as an adult’ on the front of it.

The other day, Wilma was so focussed on the idea of her bedtime biscuit that she only pretended to go to the toilet and then ran straight back to the house. Our Mistress sent her back down the garden and thought the problem had been dealt with, until they got upstairs to the bedroom and our Mistress was half changed into her pyjamas when Wilma suddenly says ‘I still need the toilet’. As you can imagine our Mistress was not best pleased. Once outside, Wilma decided apart from going to the loo that she’d got the zoomies and hared off around the garden like a mad thing until she’d had enough. Once inside our Mistress couldn’t find her and it turned out that she’d gone to hide under the bed. I think she was planning to pounce out on everyone when they least expected it, but our Mistress found her and sent her to bed before she could.

The moral of this story is ‘never have a dog who’s brighter than you are’!

Happy Saturday

Love Aristotle.

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