Sunday 8th January 2017 – The keys to the house

In my haste to tell you what Wilma gets up to, I forgot to tell you that after his bad day Alfie has been doing better again and is planning to be back with you on Tuesday as normal. Wilma on the other paw is another matter. She seems to have learnt to lock the door. It’s either that or my Mistress has taken up sleepwalking. Our Master was none too pleased to find himself locked out and having to wake our Mistress to let him in. In her excitement that he was there, we can only think Wilma jumped up and knocked the lock into the closed position. Our Master thought our Mistress was being silly and had done it deliberately. She of course pleaded her innocence. Wilma stayed remarkably quiet through the whole exchange!

Our Mistress is now trying to take Wilma in hand and step up her training. They came back from an extended walk yesterday, part walk, part training, with Wilma dancing around like a spring lamb and our Mistress in a foul mood. I did my best to calm them both down and get them to talk about it, but our Mistress said the less said the better and Wilma would need to pull her socks up if she was to get anywhere with her obedience work. Of course, in a quiet and forlorn moment, our Mistress did admit that she does not regard herself as a very good trainer and can’t help but think that Wilma has the upper paw much of the time. I gave her some gentle encouragement by reminding her what I was like at that age and how much I’ve settled down. I point blank refused to lie down on command until I was about three. I can’t now remember why that was. I think I just wanted to be awkward. It will all turn out all right in the end.

Have a happy Sunday


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  1. Glad to hear Alfie is feeling better. Look forward to his diary entry on Tuesday. Now Sammi is twelve she has the upper paw most of the time and has become very stubborn, “A perk of old age” she says. Have a happy waggy day. xx

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