Monday 9th January 2017 – Lazy Days and Mondays

I’m not good with twiddling my paws, not that is unless I can do it sitting on top of Mum. I can do that for hours, but entertaining myself without the option of pouncing on her nose every so often is not my strength. That was how I tried to spend Sunday morning – sitting on her.

Having said that, I think I prefer the paw twiddling to being made to work on my training. This is getting serious. Mum has sat down with me and apologised for the gap in my training programme we had late last year and said we will now have to work harder to make up for it. Walks just aren’t the same anymore. On the one paw we are out for much longer, but on the other paw after an initial chance to have a sniff I’m having to work. There I will be finding something exciting to smell and out of nowhere I am called to sit in front of her or at her side. Worse still she makes me sit down on the wet muddy ground. It’s not that I don’t like mud, I love it, as long as it’s on my own terms. I am being made to walk to heal and then suddenly turn to go in a different direction either left or right and am expected to be on the ball of the command. It’s not just whilst we’re out either. I’ll be chewing my chew in the office when suddenly she wants me to sit, stand, lie down, come to heal or go to my bed.

The routine is all coming back to me, but it is annoying to keep being pulled away from what I’m doing to test my responses. I know last week didn’t go well, but there is a limit. She’s said I’m not getting cheese as a reward anymore either as I get too excited. I am much better when I stay calm. I wonder if I could negotiate that she gives me the cheese at another time as I really do like it.

Ah well, I’m off to see how long I can do my own thing until she disturbs me again.

Have a lovely week


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