Wednesday 11th January 2017 – Planning for Crufts

Taking things in my stride

Crufts is now only two months away and the girls have gone into planning mode. Shadow says it’s enough for her to be in the show ring and she doesn’t need to do the stand at Discover Dogs. Wilma is very happy as that means that as long as her season doesn’t start at an inconvenient time she can have a few days mother daughter time with our Mistress. Our Master will take Shadow down so she can be in her class on the Sunday. If things go to plan there will be seven UK dogs taking part in the show, which is more than ever before and we know of at least one who is coming from Germany. Aristotle is disappointed as he quite enjoyed doing Discover Dogs some years ago, but for him all the walking gets too much and he’s having a big of a problem with his leg anyway. Our Mistress does have a trolley he can travel in, but the problem is getting everything in the car and then managing him in that when he’d rather be walking.

Now Wilma and our Mistress is sitting down working out what else they can do while they are away. It’s always an opportunity for our Mistress to meet up with people she hasn’t seen for ages and Wilma rather enjoys the social side so she will be happy with that too.

The part that Shadow and Wilma are not so happy about is that they are both being threatened with a bath in time for being shown. Wilma said she thought the muddy look was in this year, but sadly for her our Mistress does not agree. I’m sure Wilma will come around to our Mistress’s way of thinking sooner or later! Now all they need is some training, which makes the bath look like the easy part!

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