Thursday 12th January 2017 – Massage

Alfie being determined

While I was at my swimming session this week our Mistress was talking to my hydrotherapist about the increasing stiffness in my back rear leg and my reluctance to use it. It was then it occurred to her I might benefit from some massage. My hydrotherapist was suggesting some exercises I might benefit from but I said if I was being honest I preferred the sound of massage. Anyway, with my reluctance to meet new people these days our Mistress said she would give it a little go herself. On the bright side, I really enjoyed it and whether it helped or not I’d rather like her to do it regularly. On the downside it might have been better if she didn’t have problems with the joints in her hands and by the end of it her knuckles were quite swollen. She says she will do it again but it may not be all that often. We talked about whether I could go to a trained Canine Massage Therapist, but I said the problem is that it takes me so long to get used to new people now that it would probably be a waste of time if I couldn’t get to really know them first. I have said that next time our Mistress tries I’ll do my best to stay in one position rather than wriggling round in ecstasy.

We still don’t seem to have any snow. We’ve got bad winds and no one really wants to go out anywhere. Now the temperature is dropping too, but there is still no sign of any white stuff. Wilma has been sitting gazing out of the window willing snow to fall, but to no avail. I hope we have some for her. For that matter, I quite like it too, even if it is wet.

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