Sunday 15th January 2017 – An observation

Andy pointed out to our Mistress yesterday that there are far more photographs up on the walls of our house with dogs on them, than there are of people. Our Mistress, while she agreed with him, couldn’t see what point he was trying to make. In her words ‘Why would I want pictures of people?’ The other humans in the house don’t think she’s quite normal, but we love her all the more for it. To be fair, my Master did point out that there are more dogs than people in the house too, but many of the photographs are not of the four of us. There are pictures of us, obviously, but there are also quite a few of my brothers and sisters and some of our friends as well. It is mainly in the office that the walls are covered in such photographs, the rest of the house could be regarded as a little more normal.

We’ve got people coming around tonight so we’ve all been asked to behave. I think our Mistress is most worried about Alfie in all of it. He gets upset now if there are strangers in the house. Our Mistress has been getting him to sit in the car every now and then as he’s happy there. However, it will be much too cold for him to sit outside so he’s supposed to be sitting in the office for the evening with Wilma. He’s normally in the kitchen and gets a bit distressed when he can’t be. Let’s just hope that he’s feeling tired and finds somewhere he can curl up to sleep. I think our Mistress is going to put his favourite bed and blanket so he can make himself comfortable in that. I’m ok as I’m quite content in my usual spot. I’m a fairly easy going sort of a chap on the whole.

Have fun


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