Tuesday 17th January 2017 – Happiness is…

It seems that happiness, or at least contentment may be attained more easily by not having friends a long way away or access to the internet, television, radio or newspapers. Now don’t get me wrong, we wouldn’t really want to be without any of those things, but the dogs of the household are fed up from hearing from our friends and family who are enjoying playing in the snow. We do not have snow. Our Mistress, on the other paw, is fed up with hearing from her friends who live in countries that are enjoying warmth and sunshine. England in January doesn’t really have either of those. Instead, we all sit at home moaning to each other about the weather, which is great, drizzly and very unpleasant. In between that we go for walks in the mud and our Mistress tries to rotate her two pairs of walking boots, both of which leak, so that her feet are moderately dry. Yesterday she resorted to her winter pair with sheepskin linings that sound nice, but rub on her feet and leave them sort. Then we come back and look sadly out of the window wondering if the day will ever get quite light. The upside of a temperate island climate is it rarely gets too hot or too cold. The downside is it rarely gets to be anything interesting either, unless you like rain and grey clouds. Lots of grey clouds. Clouds that start at ground level and don’t move all day. You get the picture. Having said that, I am writing this from my spot by the kitchen radiator and to be fair I gave up going for walks and our Mistress does leave a light on for me when it’s gloomy, so I suppose life’s not really that bad.

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