Thursday 19th January 2017 – Getting out and about

I’ve been feeling quite a bit better in myself the last few days. I think maybe even I respond well as the thought of spring starts to come to mind. Anyway, yesterday our Mistress was expecting the plumber but needed to go out. She gave me a choice of being in her bedroom, but of course I’d have heard the plumber downstairs and found it distressing, or I could go out in the car with her. I was in two minds. I had to check to wasn’t just a ploy to get me to go to the vet or somewhere else I wouldn’t say yes to. Anyway, she convinced me that I could stay in the car and it wasn’t somewhere there would be lots of dogs around. I went with her and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. It meant I got a change of scene, at least from the window, but still felt safe and happy at the same time. I’ve asked if she can take me to other places with her as well. Although, when she take Wilma out for her play date this afternoon I’m going to skip that as there will be lots of dogs around where they are going.

Whilst they are walking, our Mistress and Aristotle listen to audio books. To be fair she listens to them when she’s walking Wilma and Shadow too, but the girls aren’t so interested. She is now listening to one called The Penguin Lessons and Aristotle has come home saying he would like a penguin for a pet. He pointed out that our markings are a bit like a penguin and he thinks they might look good together. I think he’s like the company of something that waddles when it walks as it would make him feel a bit better about his bad legs and the way it makes him walk.

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