Saturday 21st January 2017 – Counting sheep

Going to buy a loaf of bread in a village can lead to more than you are expecting. Yesterday, out Mistress went to the pub to buy a loaf of bread for lunch. She might have given in to a chocolate muffin as well, but she only went for the bread. Anyway, on her way back there were three sheep having a little wander along our road. As she knew whose they were she quickly ran to let them know and then helped to round them up. She said she’s seem too many sheepdogs at work not to know what to do. I think she rather enjoyed her escapade and was very happy with efforts to go around the sheep to get them to go in the right direction. None of us were with her at the time or I’m sure we could have helped. She was les convinced by that. Anyway, the sheep were safely gathered in leaving the farmer to investigate exactly which hedge they had pushed their way through. You could tell it was a hedge as our Mistress said that one of them seemed to be wearing quite a few of the brambles in her coat.

They looked very well and contented and none the worse for their ordeal. To be fair, I don’t think they saw it so much as an ordeal as an adventure and thankfully our road is not a busy one or one you can go along very fast.

Today is mostly going to involve sheep in a different way as a quiet day of knitting our Mistress’s Aran jumper is planned. To be fair, I’ve been banned from helping with the knitting as I tend to get my paws caught in it if I’m not careful. I’ve also been told that for once I am not to bark in difficult places as it causes our Mistress to drop the stitches if she’s not careful. I was only trying to encourage her.

Have a great Saturday


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