Sunday 22nd January 2017 – Ok so she can be cute

Wilma has been having a ‘cute’ weekend. She is the most affectionate dog that any of us have ever met and as soon as she decides she likes someone then they are made to feel as though they are the most important person in the world whenever she sees them. It’s hard on the rest of us that our Master and Mistress are both so totally smitten with her and she does get preferential treatment a lot of the time. She has been making up for not going away this weekend by enjoying an awful lot of fuss and attention and says she quite likes it when our Mistress stays in bed.

Our Mistress, whose nose is streaming, leaving her feeling fairly miserable says that she prefers not wanting to stay in bed, but if she has to be there then having Wilma for company does make things somewhat better.

I think it was about the quietest weekend I can remember us having. It’s unusual. I’m a fairly laid back sort of dog, so don’t mind at all. In fact, I think the humans have probably following my example. I work on the basis that if sleep is good for me then I can do no better than get as much of it as possible. Normally our Mistress finds this quite an odd approach to life, but even she seems to be able to get into the swing of it if she really tries. Only Wilma seemed to think doing more might be a good idea and did keep asking our Mistress if she was ready to get up yet. I guess when you’re still a puppy you have more energy, but the rest of us are well beyond that stage of life.

Happy Sunday

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