Monday 23rd January 2017 – Starting to think about Crufts

It’s so exciting, another UK Entlebucher qualified for Crufts on Saturday. There are going to be seven of us from the UK there as well as some from other countries. Mum says the one who qualified on Saturday is likely to win for the girls, unless there are overseas girls who are better looking than she is. I’d love to do well, but I know with my teeth that’s not so likely and to be fair I haven’t been practising either. Shadow will probably do better than I will, even though she’s a bit saggy in the middle from all the puppies she’s had. It’s still all going to be exciting and I can’t wait to meet the dogs coming from overseas that I don’t know yet. One of the boys who is coming is going to be the father of a puppy who moves to live in England, which makes it even more exciting – that and the fact that I rather like boys!

Mum has said I will have to have a bath before Crufts to make me look my best. I don’t mean I won’t have any other baths before then, obviously if I get muddy she makes me have a shower, but I will have one just before the show so I’m my very prettiest. Shadow will have to have one too and I’m guessing she will have rather more to say about it as she’s not particularly keen on the experience. She enjoys being brushed so she will enjoy that part of the grooming, but not the water bit. Mum says she is going to arrange for Shadow to go swimming soon too, so she really is going to have to get used to going in water. One thing we all enjoy after going in water is being towel dried. There is nothing quite like being rubbed with a towel by your beloved human. Oh you should see our bottoms wiggle with delight when we get to that stage. Of course, sometimes that leads to Mum getting a bit cross because we’re wiggling too much for her to actually dry us, but that’s half the game.

In the meantime I really must start doing some work on my training. It’s just that everything else is much more fun when you’re eighteen months old.

Lots of love


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