Tuesday 24th January 2017 – Breaking down barriers

We the dogs of the household have taken it upon ourselves to break down barriers. No more will there be barriers separating dog from human or dog from dog. We’ve made a start with the gate in the doorway to the kitchen. It has stood between the kitchen and the office for the last 9 years without interference, except a bit of being pulled out of shape by Aristotle. Now, however, Wilma has taken the lead and says she will not be confined. She has managed to break one of the welded metal uprights out of the gate completely and created a hole that is wide enough for her to get through as long as she wiggles her hips a little. As I found, when I tried to follow her, my shoulders get well and truly stuck. Shadow found to her intense irritation that she is simply too fat and Ari just stood laughing at us.

Regrettably, our Mistress has taken prompt action. In the first instance she has made it safe so we don’t hurt ourselves on the twisted metal and in the second instance she has closed the door. She has gone further than that though. She has ordered a new gate! She’s told Wilma that the money will be coming out of her pocket money, which all in all is going to be a bit of a problem as she’d spent it all on treats. At least our Mistress managed to get one second paw, so it won’t be quite so expensive. I’m just wondering what other dogs it’s going to smell of when it goes arrive. I presume as it’s in good condition they will be smaller and not as strong as we are, or at the very least not bright enough to work out that they could have bent and removed the bars.

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