Thursday 26th January 2017 – It’s worse than before

The new gate is in place and it’s worse than ever. The good news for our Mistress was that it could use the same fittings as the old one. The bad news for us is that the bars are closer together and Wilma cannot even get her nose that far through, never mind the rest of her. Not, that is, for the want of trying! She is not put off easily. Our Mistress thinks it is going to take Wilma and Aristotle working together to do any real damage. Of course, saying that in Wilma’s hearing is tantamount to a challenge and she promptly went off to discuss the problem with Ari.

I’m seriously worried about our Master. He has taken to sitting on the settee with Aristotle in an evening and giving Ari lots of attention. That is not what worries me. It’s the fact that he keeps repeating the same thing over and over and does not seem able to hold a whole conversation with Ari. Does he really think we are so stupid that we can only manage him cooing over us and telling us we are lovely over and over? There are two possibilities. Either, he is vastly underestimating our intelligence and willingness to discuss the key issues of the day, or he has lost the plot completely. I told Aristotle he should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s lost the plot, but secretly I’m feeling more than a little worried. It’s not as though Ari is averse to being told how wonderful he is on a regular basis, but even he says it is getting a bit monotonous when he’d rather have been talking about important issues, like the need to buy him some more chews. It is not wise to underestimate Aristotle’s intelligence. That’s one the rest of us have learnt to our cost!

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