Saturday 28th January 2017 – Health for Heidi

We need your help. Please share Heidi’s story as far and wide as you can to help us to gain Health for this lovely dog.

We are determined to raise the money to pay for Heidi’s treatment.

Heidi was diagnosed with Ectopic Ureter; a painful condition where the lines from the kidney enter the bladder in the wrong place. This at best leaves a dog incontinent and at worst is fatal. At 15 weeks old, Heidi was operated on to correct this. Within 48 hours the surgery was deemed unsuccessful and the specialist advised expensive medication. Faced with an incontinent dog needing further treatment, her owners took the traumatic decision that they couldn’t give Heidi the help she needed and transferred responsibility for her care to Entlebucher Rescue.
Heidi was a very poorly puppy, completely incontinent, in pain and heavily medicated. It took four months of antibiotics for her to fight the infection and be strong enough to see a different specialist about advanced surgery.
We raised the money for that surgery, only to be told the original surgery had not corrected the problem. By then, we had incurred considerable cost and Heidi had been put through significant distress. We had no choice but have the surgery repeated at considerable cost. Heidi’s recovery has not gone well and she needed further operations to stabilise her condition.
The Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain is a small club with little money.
We are determined to raise the money to pay for Heidi’s treatment. Please help us to bring Health for Heidi.

We need to raise £20,000. Please help us to bring Health for Heidi.

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