Sunday 29th January 2017 – Rather her than me

Oh you have to laugh. My mum, Shadow, has been put on a fairly serious diet. It all started the other day when her hip was hurting so she needed a hand into the car. Though she won’t thank me for saying so, she’s always been a bit of a barrel shape and me and my 21 brothers and sisters haven’t really helped the situation. Anyway, when our Mistress helped her up she concluded that there were a few grammes too many in that barrel. Our Mistress sat down with her and discussed the situation girl to girl. Our Mistress said if they both started their diet together maybe they could encourage each other. Shadow reluctantly agreed. The problem is, our Mistress is in control of what they both eat and I have seen her cave in on her diet so far, but she’s still being strict with Mum. To be fair, our Mistress doesn’t have a bad hip, but then she didn’t do a back flip off the settee over the top of me either, which was what caused Mum’s in the first place. Oh she’s regretting that little feat of acrobatics now.

Anyway, Mum’s food rations have been cut quite drastically in an attempt for her to lose 3kg. Although it’s a long term project, our Mistress has said it would be good if it happened sooner rather than later, not only to help her hip but so she can look her best in the show ring at Crufts and hopefully not be a limping barrel. Wilma is keeping very quiet in all of it in case our Mistress gets any ideas of cutting down her food as well. To be honest, the speed with which Wilma moves round the house I suspect she does a pretty good job of burning up the calories.

Have a lovely Sunday


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