Monday 30th January 2017 – Sorting Photos

Ari and Alfie some years ago

Mum’s been sorting through all her photos for a couple of things. Every so often she has sighed or laughed. She says she really misses having puppies and it’s a shame we can’t have some more for a while. Apart from that and enjoying seeing all the family pictures she came across, she says I look really like my Aunty Megan. My nose is shorter, my eyes are not so dark and my coat is not so long but other than that we look very alike. She says she still missed Megan, but I do my best to cheer her up when she thinks like that.

It was the pictures of Alfie that struck her most. She found some of Alfie’s mum when she would have been about the same age that Alfie is now. She couldn’t believe how like his mother Alfie has grown to look. Alfie was quite happy with the thought that he was like his mum. He was very close to her and said he can’t think of a better compliment.

She found some of both Shadow’s parents too. She thinks Aristotle looks like his grandma Akai, while Shadow is more like her father Nathan’s side of the family.

I asked Mum to show me all the pictures of Switzerland that she found too. I do wish I could go and see everyone out there. I miss the snow and I miss my Mama and sister too. She’s promised we’ll go as soon as we can, but it’s not the same as being able to go now and I don’t suppose there’ll be any snow by the time we go. Perhaps we’ll get some snow here, but Mum doesn’t think that is very likely.

Shadow is already fed up with being on a diet. She hasn’t complained too much but is not impressed that she can’t see the improvement yet. I think she’s hoping to weigh herself tomorrow so she can see how she’s doing.

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