Tuesday 31st January 2017 – Fed Up

I’ve got an ear infection and I’m fed up. I hate having drops put in my ears and having our Mistress trying to clean them out. I’ve never liked my ears being touched at the best of times but this is just too much. I’ve also been feeling really hungry. I think that might be psychological. Shadow has been complaining about being on a diet and it’s making me think about food all the time. I even did something I haven’t done for years. I pulled the grill pan and a meat tin down off the work surface. They were waiting to be washed up and I have to say I really enjoyed licking them out. I didn’t enjoy the noise they made when they fell on the stone floor and it’s probably a good job they weren’t breakable. What’s the odd dent in a metal meat tin between friends?

My ear means no swimming for me for a couple of weeks too, which is a pain as although I complain about going I do quite enjoy it and it’s the only place I’m happy going out. Our Mistress has said she will try to take me out in the car with her this week so I don’t feel too sad. I quite like going out for drives with her as long as we park where there are not dogs around.

On the plus side, Ari will go swimming in my place and he’s been having quite serious problems with his leg so he is very grateful. He’s the most uncomplaining dog that it even makes me feel a little bit guilty sometimes. I think Shadow is going with him today so she can get on the scales. She’s asked if she can do that in private with no one seeing what it says, but I suspect our Mistress will have other ideas.

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  1. Oh poor you Alfie. I know how you feel. I also hate having drops in my ears. I do get a treat afterwards which helps the ordeal. Get better soon. Love Sammi. xxx

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