Wednesday 1st February 2017 – Who ate all the pies?

It’s official. Shadow is well and truly fat. Oh I know she didn’t want the rest of us to know her weight, but our Mistress let slip that is a horribly overweight 25.5kg! The funny thing was that at the end of swimming Aristotle was given a biscuit and Shadow refused to leave until she was given one too. I told her with that approach it’s no wonder she’s so heavy. Ari is working on the shame principal and calling her ‘Fatso’. I’m just glad it’s not me. Anyway, her rations have been reduced to half what she was eating before as she isn’t walking that far with her bad leg. I guess if she was putting weight on she didn’t need as much as she was getting but it does seem a little harsh. I was even wondering about giving her a little food out of my bowl, but that thought did not last long.

Ari has not been swimming for a while and really didn’t want to go yesterday. He did his best to go in the opposite direction, but our Mistress simply picked him up and plonked him in the water. He’s funny. He’s a really good swimmer and once he’s in he’s more than happy to swim up and down the pool. It’s just he has to make a fuss about getting in. He’s a much faster swimmer than I am even without using his back legs. He could have been in the Olympics if only he’d tried a bit harder.

Meanwhile Wilma is taking everything in her stride. More to the point she is very laid back about it. She still burns off the calories zooming around the garden. To be fair, she zooms almost everywhere. It’s all right until she zooms straight into you when it can be a bit painful. We cherish moments like these.

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  1. Dora is definitely her mother’s daughter. She was 24.5 kilos, we had to put her on diet food and reduce the amount she eats. She is, according to the vet, a greedy dog and cries like a baby if she sees any kind of food. She makes us look like bad owners when we are at the vets, she cries until she gets treats from any one who feels sorry for the poor starving dog. Smiles on our faces as she weighed in at 22.5 kilos but of course Dora just put on a pained look as if to say, ‘see, they starve me.

    • I know I shouldn’t laugh, but they are so alike. Well done on getting her weight down. Shadow will get there too… in time… with a lot of arguments!

  2. Hallo nach England. Nun zu Shadow. Tosca wiegt 24,8 kg. In zwei Wochen wird sie jedoch wesentlich weniger Kilogramm haben dafür ein paar Welpen im Nest.
    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz

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