Thursday 2nd February 2017 – In the days before dogs

Lemon festival Menton 2003

Our Mistress found some discs from her very first digital camera the other day and has managed to find a way to upload the images to the computer. As we looked through them she was telling us about some of the things she used to do before we all moved into her life. She said she wouldn’t swap and having us was better than all those things put together. Wilma asked if she could go to see some of the places with our Mistress, but I would not have liked the crowds. To be honest I’m surprised that our Mistress did as she is never happier than when she’s out on the airfield with one of us and there is no one in site for a very long distance.

She is still trying to identify the bird of prey she has been seeing on a regular basis. Yesterday at one point it was down on the ground only just in front of her and Shadow. By the time our Mistress could get her camera setting on her phone, Shadow had lunged in the direction of the bird and it had flown to the hedge. She tried to creep up on it, but of course as soon as she tried to take its photograph it flew away and she ended up with a fairly uninteresting picture of a hedge.

Apparently I am being a model patient over her treating my ear. It isn’t proving too bad to be honest. She’s being as gentle as she can be when she cleans it and the drops are definitely doing their job. I also get my head massaged after she’s put the drops in, so it’s not all bad. I’m almost wondering how long I can string it out for so that I can carry on having the tender moments with her. I suppose I could just be honest and say I’d really like it if that could carry on anyway.

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