Friday 3rd February 2017 – Going Cuckoo

Alfie looking good

Is it any wonder that I have days when I get distressed? I’m just a normal sort of guy minding his own business. The problem is that when the washing machine moves on to its spin cycle, it can get just a little bit enthusiastic. Yesterday it was having a little dance, which is fair enough. The problem was that it kept moving against the wall and the cuckoo clock is on the other side. The cuckoo clock stopped some weeks ago because our Mistress forgets to wind it, but quite of its own accord it decided to join in with the washing machine. For a while you got the noises of ‘thud thud cuckoo, thud thud cuckoo’. Given that our Mistress had got it into her head to wash a number of rugs that apparently it was our fault were dirty, you can imagine how scatty I was starting to be by the end of it all. She’d be better to just invite the local wildlife to move in for real and have done with it.

Now to be fair, I was happy with the mud and dog hair on the rugs just the way they were and didn’t especially think they needed washing in the first place. Humans have a real thing about stuff like that. It wasn’t me that got yellow dye from a towel all over the bathroom rug, although it was my ear that was being washed and wiped at the time so I guess I might have to take some responsibility. There we go again, ‘thud thud cuckoo’. I’m going to be hearing that in my sleep for weeks the way it’s going. I’m just a simple soul who likes everything to be quiet and peaceful. I did bark my way over some of the ‘thuds’ and quite a number of the ‘cuckoos’ but I had to block them out somehow.

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