Monday 6th February 2017 – Happy Birthday, Shadow

A very happy birthday to Shadow and her brothers Kai and Rocky. They are eight years old today. Shadow is celebrating by having an extra biscuit even though she is on a diet and will of course be having a nice walk with our Mistress. I shall do my best to help her celebrate by getting over excited and jumping all over her.

It’s funny, being so full of bounce, you’d think that Alfie wouldn’t cope with me, but I am the only one he does like. We even curl up close together which Mum loves to see. I like that he lets me stay close to him, he’s very important to me and I always give him a goodnight kiss before bed, just as Mum does. After she kisses him goodnight I always take my turn too, before getting into my own bed.

There is one way that dogs and humans are quite different. Dogs don’t get excited about shoes. Mum spent her weekend getting very excited about having bought a new pair of shoes. It’s not just any pair, it’s a new pair of walking boots that won’t leak when she takes us for walks. As you can imagine with all of us she has to do quite a lot of walking and her existing boots are no good in the wet, which is a bit of a problem when you live in England. Thankfully that problem has now been solved and she’s like a child with a new toy, or me when I have a bone, which reminds me she has not bought me a bone for a while. I shall have to have a word with her about that. Maybe if I hold one of the boots to ransom and threaten to chew that I might find a bone appears.

Have a great week


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