Wednesday 8th February 2017 – Exciting news on Crufts

We’re all starting our build up to Crufts. It is going to be a very exciting year. This year there are a total of eleven Entlebuchers in the show ring which is our highest ever number. Of those seven are UK dogs and four are travelling from other countries for the show. Next week we will be running a competition to win a free pair of tickets to attend the show so keep reading to have your chance of winning.

As always our breed has a stand as part of Discover Dogs and Wilma is getting herself ready to do an important job. She is manning the stand for half a day on all four days of the show and I can honestly say she is really excited. To be fair, Wilma spends her whole life really excited, she’s at that age! Shadow will only be going for the Sunday so she can take part in the ring. She has decided now she’s reached the age of eight she is going to take it easy just a little bit. Wilma on the other paw is sorting out an exciting schedule of reporting from the event at the times she is not on the stand and once again has her press

The Worlds Greatest Dog Show

pass all ready so she can cover things for us properly. Shadow is very happy that her pre-Crufts diet is going well. Despite her mishap with the bag of crisps, Shadow’s weigh in yesterday left everyone smiling. She is now 25.05kg meaning she has lost 450g since last week. I did say without the crisps she might have manage half a kilo, but she looked at me with disdain for that. Our Mistress has told her she is likely to lose more in the first week and shouldn’t expect to lose quite so much this week. She says this week her target is to get to 24.75kg. She wants to be no more than 24kg by Crufts. Her ultimate goal is 22 to 23kg but that  is going to take her a little longer.

Our Mistress is excited as it’s one of the few times in the year that she can get to meet up with lots of her friends who she doesn’t see at other times and is now busy sending them notes working out when she can see them.

Aristotle and I will be cheering the girls on from home and holding the fort here.

If you can’t wait to book your Crufts tickets, remember that under 12s go free and it’s cheaper to buy your tickets in advance. You can find all the details HERE. We will tell you more about it though over the next few weeks as well and watch out for our competition.

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