Thursday 9th February 2017 – No More Wet Feet

Alfie yesterday

It doesn’t take much to keep our Mistress happy, or to get her very excited for that matter. Both the pairs of boots she bought on Ebay have arrived. The ones on the left made her very happy. They are brand new but cost only the third of the price. The ones on the right made her very excited because they have fluorescent pink laces. That’s about as close to being girly as she’s likely to get any time soon. Aristotle was trying to help her decide which pair she would wear first, but I don’t think he could see why she needed four boots when she’s only got two feet. We were also a little surprised to find her spending her evening lovingly polishing both pairs. She doesn’t do that with the shoes she wears to go out in, so why the ones she goes in the mud in get that treatment I cannot hazard a guess. She says it’s because those are the ones she spends most of her life in and she is never happier than when she’s out with us. She is going to give them a good walk on Saturday if not before as our aunt is coming for the weekend. Wilma is very excited as she is very fond of our aunt and she knows she will be a little bit spoilt!

I shall be keeping out of the way for most of today. We are expecting a piece of furniture to be delivered from Ikea. That means not only do I have to deal with strangers coming to the house, but the madness of my humans trying to build a piece of furniture. They almost came to blows talking about it in advance with my Mistress saying it would be so much easier if my Master was prepared to read the instructions, or for that matter even remembered where he’d put his reading glasses. My safest option is to stay well away in case they ask for my help.

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