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Happy birthday, Alfie
Alfie's birthday photo

As a dog, I try to focus on the important things. Humans, well they just aren’t built the same way. Now, to be fair, I have a naturally beautiful coat which I have no wish to hide with clothing. If I did want to put something on it would be something simple. If I’m going to set myself a challenge it’s along the lines of ‘where is the sunniest spot I can find in the house for a nap?’ or ‘what food has been left where I might be able to reach it?’. I would not set myself the challenge of ‘what’s the hardest jumper I could possibly knit?’ Our Mistress on the other paw is strange, even by human standards. She has not knitted anything for about twenty or thirty years, so instead of making something simple, a year ago she set herself the challenge of knitting an Aran jumper. Sadly, she has found the pattern a ‘little’ confusing, but is determined not to be beaten. She started in January last year and by the end of January this year had completed one side of the front. To be fair,


she did only knit about four rows between January and December last year. Anyway, she was aware that some parts looked a little different, but every repeat of them was the same ‘different’. It was only when she got as far as row 40 on the other side of the front that everything began to fall into place and she realised she had done the whole of the first side of the front wrong! You can imagine, she was not best pleased. Ari is her knitting partner and he did the best to comfort her, but to no avail. I said couldn’t she make a feature of it, but it seems that would have been quite difficult too not to say completely

against the principles of a perfectionist. And so it was that her many hours of hard work was, within five minutes, reduced back into being three balls of wool.

Now she has started again and this time she is determined to get it right, with a little help from Aristotle who she has told needs to improve his counting!

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