Sunday 12th February 2017 – Annoying puppies

Ok, so only one annoying puppy and I had to go for a walk with her yesterday. Wilma has got so much energy and wants to play all the time. When I said that to our Mistress she just laughed at me and told me I used to be like that, but I just can’t believe I was ever that annoying. It was really muddy and I mean REALLY muddy and Wilma kept running through the mud and then trying to jump on top of me. I try my best to keep my coat clean and you can imagine that I wasn’t too pleased about the situation. Things went from bad to worse when it was time to get back into the car and I tried to get in at the same time that she did and then fell back flat in the mud and was covered completely on one side. I think I’ve bruised my ribs, but my pride was the main thing to get hurt and I was so very dirty. Our Mistress gently and lovingly rubbed me down with a clean towel but I was a little bit fed up to put it mildly. Apparently, I was four before I started behaving like an adult so I might have another two and a half years to wait before Wilma gets to that point.

Mum (Shadow) has begrudgingly admitted that now she is losing some weight her hip is feeling quite a bit better and she’s got more bounce than she’s had for a while. She is quite convinced that it’s going to be good news when she gets on the scales on Tuesday and says she’s really looking forward to it. There is going to be real trouble if she hasn’t actually gone down. I don’t want to be around at the happens!

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  1. Don’t like to mention this Ari but Sammi is almost twelve and a half years old and she still loves to wallow in muddy puddles. Happy Sunday to you all. xxx

    • Sammi you’re crazy. Why would anyone want to roll in mud? I’ve asked Wilma that and don’t seem to get a coherent answer. She just says it’s great and why wouldn’t you. She says girlie stuff too, like it’s good for the skin, but it all passes me by. I do now want a dirty coat.
      Have a happy muddy Sunday – I shall be going for mud free
      Love Ari

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