Monday 13th February 2017 – Puppies everywhere

My naughty puppy today

It’s so exciting. My half sister Tosca had her puppies at the weekend. They were a few days early, but that may be because she had seven of them. Can you imagine? Seven! Shadow said she could imagine and it’s hard work. I now have five more nephews and two more nieces to add to the numbers. If everything goes to plan at least one of them and maybe more will be coming to live in this country. On top of that my sister Valeria is pregnant too and her puppies will be born in only another week. It does make me wish I could have puppies of my own!

Mum has been researching things which might help Alfie. She came across a suggestion that kelp is helpful because of all the nutrients in it. Whether it makes any difference, we’re all very jealous of Alfie as it really smells good to all of us. He is very happy, particularly as Mum mixed it into his favourite vanilla yoghurt. Apparently, kelp can be good for his thyroid too which might then help with how hungry he is feeling. Mum’s going to talk to the vet about it too.

Before I forget, Alfie asked me to tell you that he will be running the competition to win tickets for Crufts tomorrow. If you want the chance to win a free pair of tickets then you will be able to find out how that can done right here. I’m going to be there every day so you can meet me if you come. I love meeting people so it will be great. I shall be in the show ring on the Sunday, but I think it will be later in the day. I’m not really looking forward to it as I’m worried the judge will comment on my teeth and that makes me sad. I’m hoping Shadow will do well though and am really trying to encourage her on her diet and exercise programme to make sure she’s super fit.

Have a lovely week


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