Wednesday 15th February 2017 – A happy dog

Shadow is a very happy dog and has even let our Mistress take her photo. In two weeks since she started dieting she has dropped from 25.5kg to 24.5kg. She is nowhere near her target weight yet, but she says she already feels loads better, if a little hungry. She’s got more bounce too and hasn’t limped at all in the last week, which has to be a good thing. To be fair, she is bouncing everywhere like a puppy, which makes me a little concerned about exactly how much energy she will have if she loses some more weight. Our Mistress has told her that she is hoping she will get to 22kg before she finishes dieting but that can take a little while to get to. She says Shadow will be doing well if she can just lost 250g each week. That way she would be about 23.75kg by the time she goes into the show ring at Crufts and that will not be too bad, even if not perfect.

It was funny going swimming yesterday after missing a couple of weeks. It was even more strange having Shadow watching me in the pool. She wanted to get in and swim more than I did, but much as I said that was fine by me, our Mistress wouldn’t accept the suggestion. Our Mistress is going to ask the vet to send a note to say that it’s ok for Shadow to swim so that she can have a go, but mainly to get her used to it in case she needs it when she’s a bit older. For the time being our Mistress says I’m her first priority when it comes to swimming and I rather like that, even if I don’t really want to go in the water.

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