Thursday 16th February 2017 – Be careful what you wish for

Yesterday in a moment of stupidity, and she has many, our Mistress said she was aiming to walk 18,000 steps in the day. On a normal day she will get to between 12,000 and 14,000 so it wasn’t too many more but enough that she was promising Wilma a longer walk. She did get her longer walk, but not in the way our Mistress had planned. Just as they were about to walk down to the village to buy a loaf of bread our Mistress noticed a screw sticking into her car tyre. The tyre was not completely flat, so she guessed it must have happened fairly recently. On their walk to get the bread our Mistress discussed the options with Wilma and concluded that if the tyre was not flat by the time they got back then perhaps they could still drive it to the garage which is just outside the village. That gave them chance to walk back from the garage… and then walk back to pick it up again later! Wilma said the walk wasn’t nearly so much fun as she had been hoping for as she had to be on a short lead all the way. Today our Mistress is planning to walk nowhere in the hope the day will be less eventful.

Shadow is off to the vet this morning. It’s just for her annual vaccinations but I know that Shadow is hoping to be able to get away with being given some biscuits for being good. Our Mistress has said she will be telling the vet that there are to be no treats, but I don’t think she really means it. I know our Mistress is going to talk to the vet about me being hungry all the time while she’s there too. I’m guessing I will have to go in person but I’m hoping that by sending our Mistress I can avoid that.

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