Friday 17th February 2017 – The left ear gang

Yesterday Wilma had her regular playdate with Bernie who is one of Aristotle’s half-brothers on his father’s side. They really do have a great time together. I went to watch from the car, but didn’t want to join them. They go to the racecourse in York and have a really good run. Bernie chases his ball and Wilma chases Bernie. Wilma also chases all the other boys who show an interest in her, which included a couple of bull dogs, a poodle and a number of others. She has a great time flirting with them all. Bernie doesn’t mind too much as it gives him a break from her chasing him. He seems to find her a bit much after a time. Anyway, for the picture they both decided to wear their left ear casually flicked back. I’ve never really worked out why they do it, but each to their own.

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Our Mistress has been getting very excited recently by the fact that she has managed to agree some more dogs of our breed to be imported to the UK. There are three planned at the moment and she is really hoping that another one will be agreed soon. Even the three will take our numbers up to 80, which sounds a lot closer to 100 than 77 does. One of the three who is coming will be a little girl for breeding too, which is really good news for us in the longer term. She will be arriving to live with her half brother Salvo in May and I know he is very excited about it. Although I wonder if he will think having a puppy around is quite so exciting when she arrives!

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