Saturday 18th February 2017 – Hamster wheels for humans

Morning everyone, Aristotle here. You know those hamster wheel things? I don’t want one for myself I was thinking of putting our Mistress in one. She seems to have spent her week running around in circles and not actually going anywhere, so I thought I’d make the process official. It wears me out just watching her. She’s well matched with Wilma who probably could use the dog equivalent.

Our Mistress talked to the vet about Wilma’s season. It’s due anytime in the next few weeks. Now you all know how excited she is about Crufts, second only to how excited she got when a pheasant jumped out in front of her yesterday. Anyway, our Mistress has decided that Wilma will have an injection to delay her season just this once. She would not normally do something like that, but as it will be Wilma’s only time in the show ring, unless she gets automatic qualification for next year by being placed, our Mistress decided that just this once it was the right thing to do. It’s very unlikely that Wilma will be able to have puppies so she will be neutered, but only after they have had a trip to Switzerland and seen a specialist to be absolutely certain there is nothing which can be done. She is going on Monday and apparently it will delay it for three to five months, so if things go to plan they will have been to Switzerland and know the score before it wears off.

Our Mistress is putting together a big shopping list for when she is at Crufts. So far it has on it lots of dog food, a big crate for when Alfie needs it and she’s now added a really good bed for me. I’m having more problems with my leg and absolutely anything our Mistress can do to delay when it has to be operated on is her preference. When I was a puppy they said there is a very complicated operation but as it is only normally done on much older dogs they can’t be sure it would last more than a couple of years. Our Mistress doesn’t want to do anything that might make me worse in the long run. We’ve managed it very well until now, but I’m starting to have more problems. We’re talking to Alfie about whether he would mind going back to swimming every other week, so I can increase my swimming sessions again and if I have a better bed then maybe that will help too. I’m not one to complain though. I’m very happy and get an awful lot of love, which is what I want more than anything in the whole world.

Have a happy Saturday



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