Sunday 19th February 2017 – A lovely Saturday

I think I had my perfect Saturday. I spent the first couple of hours back in bed with our Mistress. She was working on the computer, but it was still nice to be cuddled up to her and then we had a lovely day with both my Master and Mistress around all day. What more can any dog want than his humans to be close by all day long? I didn’t want to go for the walk as I’ve been resting my leg, but I had some nice time out in the garden and it really felt as though spring was in the air. The crocuses and snowdrops are all coming through and the birds were singing. It’s ok when I go outside the birds stick around as they know I won’t go after them. One little blackbird was happily pecking just near where I was having a sniff and it was all very amicable.

I did discuss with our Mistress whether there is anything she can do about the muddy patches of garden where Wilma has been using it as a racetrack and kicking up all the grass. She says when the grass starts growing again it should get a little bit better but she didn’t sound all that optimistic. I suspect we’ll have to do some replanting to try to improve things.

This is what Wilma has done to my garden!

It was rather nice going around the garden with our Mistress discussing what we’re going to plant this year. I’m always her gardening helper dog. We have some lovely times when she’s working on the garden. She knows I won’t dig things up as fast as she can plant them. I was surprised that we’re planning to try potatoes again as last year’s weren’t overly successful. AS usual there will be carrots and parsnips but this year we’re adding runner beans. I just hope they do better than we did with peas! Anyway, have a happy Sunday


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