Monday 20th February 2017 – Off to the vets

It’s a good job we like our vet. Today I’m going to have an injection to delay my season. I’m not really looking forward to it. Mum said it was like contraceptives for dogs, but then she had to give me a long explanation of what she was talking about. At least I’m not actually ill. Nor am I on a diet so I will be asking for a biscuit at the end of things. Alfie on the other paw needs to go to see a vet because he’s not well. He asked Mum to check his thyroid gland on Saturday and she said it was really badly swollen and then yesterday it was even worse. He was really miserable over the weekend too and spent quite a bit of time crying

Alfie needing to be close to Mum

and wanting Mum to hold his paw. She’s quite worried about him. He’s been behaving really oddly when we go outside too. He doesn’t come in when he’s called and if I bounce anywhere near him he just freezes, like in that game where you’re supposed to be a statue. Mum says she thinks he is feeling very vulnerable and doing what animals do when they don’t want to be seen. I can still see him though. Mum makes me come in so he can unfreeze. She tried playing ball with him for a little while to cheer him up, but he was so upset when the game had to finish that she said she thought it was actually worse than if she hadn’t played with him at all. I hope our vet can make him better as it’s no fun when he’s like this. He says getting old is proving harder than he expected and Mum just stroked him gently and said she understood. I didn’t really, but then I suppose I’m still only a puppy really.

Have a happy Monday


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  1. Sorry to hear Alfie is feeling unwell. Hope all goes well at the vet for you both and Alfie is feeling better soon. Sending him lots of cuddles and Sammi sends lots of loving licks. xx

  2. Hope your trip to the Vets goes well. Be brave when you have your injection. We are sorry that Alfie is under the weather but hope your lovely Vet can solve his problem and he will soon be bright as a button. Thinking of you all. Lots of love Dickens XXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. I’m sort of brave. I haven’t had that many injections so it’s a bit worrying but most things don’t bother me much.
      I’m sure our vet will be able to help Alfie.
      Have a lovely day

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