Wednesday 22nd February 2017 – Moaning about diets


It’s quite funny not being on a diet but being in a house with others who are. Shadow, who has now been on a diet for three weeks, is moaning about hers an awful lot less than Mum who has been on her diet for four days. Of course, Shadow has seen rather more benefit from hers so far and Mum is still at that stage where even our food looks appetising. To be fair, I have not yet caught her eating dog biscuits, but it’s probably only a matter of time. I’m not allowed to go into details about Mum’s weight, but she has lost a little bit. She says it’s just not that easy to stick to it. Shadow went for her weigh in yesterday. If you remember she started at 25.5kg. By last week she was down to 24.5kg. Yesterday she weighed in at 24.1kg. However, it’s actually better than that as Mum realised that her harness is quite heavy, so she also weighed Shadow completely naked – Shadow that is, not Mum, Mum was fully clothed. Anyway, Shadow weighed 23.85kg and is very proud of her new more slender figure. Mum has said she needs to lose about another one to one and a half kilos yet though.

Much more importantly than diets I heard from my sister Valeria. She gave birth to eight puppies on Monday. Four boys and four girls. One of the girls is going to come to England and we will see her fairly regularly which is wonderful news. She is going to be a breeding dog here if all goes to plan and will live with Shadow’s son Basil. How cool is that? He won’t know what’s hit him if she’s anything like me. She will have a small human to play with too, which is wonderful as we do rather like children. Now Mum is trying to work out if we can arrange our trip so that we go out to Switzerland with my niece’s new human to bring her back to England. I’ve been waiting for Mum to work out the dates of our Swiss trip so hopefully she’ll start to get that planned in the next couple of weeks. There are some photographs she needs to take while we’re there, for a book she’s writing. She says it means she needs to work hard over the next couple of weeks so she has it planned properly first. I can’t wait. I shall go to the heart specialist too, so that they can find out a little more about why I have a heart murmur. I’m not looking forward to that bit quite so much.

Have a lovely Wednesday


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