Friday 24th February 2017 – Enjoying the fuss

I’m having a lovely trip with lots of people fussing me. It’s funny, I really can never get enough of being spoilt. I can also never get enough carrot peelings, but Granny was more surprised about that. I don’t normally get chance at home as it’s the boys who help Mum getting tea, but being away without them means I can ask nicely for the spare bits of carrot.

In the evening I got to sit with Mum choosing some flowers to grow in the garden. It was good doing it together, but I’ve had to promise not to dig them up now I’ve chosen them. That is going to be really hard.

Today we’re off to see my other grandparents, but that doesn’t mean being in the car for so long. Before that we’re going to the pet shop to buy the chews that Shadow and I like. We’ve both run out so it’s going to be a really nice surprise for her when we get home. Mum wants to buy some socks, but I don’t think she will get those from the pet shop. It’s not fair, she gets to come into the shop with me, but I can’t go into the shop that she needs. It’s unjust. Mind you I suppose I need her to pay in the shop I will be in, so it’s not all bad.

Yesterday the storm we had to drive through wasn’t very nice. There was lots of rain and wind and things flying around in the air around the car. There were lots of fences and branches blown down and the roof blew off the store in Grandpa’s garden where he keeps all his plant pots. Today’s weather is supposed to be better so we’re hoping to go for a muddy walk. To be fair, only one of us is hoping for mud!

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