Saturday 25th February 2017 – Your roving reporter

Oh this is exciting. I’m lining up some interviews for you on the latest technology for dogs. I can’t wait to tell you about them in the next couple of weeks and then a little later we are hoping that I can do a test for you as well. I think at last I’ve found what my career can be. I don’t think I’ll write books like Alfie has, but I do like writing so I can be more of a journalist and write about different exciting things for dogs. I might do some travel write ups too and then I can have my own sections on the diary so you can find things like hotels that dogs can stay in. I might even start tomorrow by telling you more about the hotel I stayed in last night.

After my day in Bedford yesterday I’m off to see Alfie’s girlfriend today. It’s more so Mum can see the humans and bring her goddaughter’s birthday present at last, but I’m quite happy with the arrangement too. I know Bella’s going to think I’m being a bit weird, but I’ve brought a blanket for her to lie on so I can take her scent back to Alfie. It will mean more to him than a photograph.

For my own part I’m rather hoping for the chance to play with the birthday present Mum has brought with her. It looks fun, but I don’t think it’s really been designed with dogs in mind, which is such a shame. It is very short sighted of manufacturers not to bear in mind the needs of the four-legged members of a household when developing toys. I’m in the right size range if I stand on my back legs, although Mum says I’m not to try.

Have a lovely day


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