Sunday 26th February 2017 – Wilma’s travel reviews

The Embankment, Bedford

This is my first review of travel from a dog’s point of view. Bedford is a place we go to see relatives but there are some lovely walks by the river that would be worth going to just to enjoy the scenery. Along by the Embankment there are lovely paths through the trees and I tried to chase a squirrel up one of them. I also tried to chase the swans and geese into the river, but Mum explained both of those things are a bad idea. Anyway, you can walk from the end by the town down past some boathouses and then either along the side of river or off across some fields where you can play ball or chase other dogs. All the dogs I’ve met seem very friendly. I’ve got one friend of my own there too, so it’s nice when he’s free to come out to play. Anyway, there are two hotels I’ve stayed in which are dog friendly.

The Bedford Swan Hotel is on the Embankment and overlooks the river. Dogs are made to feel welcome, although there are no special treats or dog beds, so do take your own. There is a car park attached to the hotel, so if your human needs to ask you to wait in the car while they go and check in, you’ll feel quite safe. There are bins around so it makes it easy for your humans to clean up after you too. There’s a reasonable patch of grass outside for your early morning pee break, but do watch out for broken glass underpaw. In common with most hotels they do make a charge for you to stay there. You are allowed in the bar area and your humans can have food there to make it easy for you to be with them. It was fairly easy to get in an out without having to traipse through the public areas and you can come and go at all hours if you have the sudden need to stretch your legs. It’s clean and there is plenty of room in the bathroom for your human to put your water bowl and for you to go in with them when they are in there. I’d give it four bones.

The Barns Hotel is just out of the main city. About a mile out Mum says. It’s a quiet location with a car park around the hotel, which has plenty of grass and bins. My room was on the ground floor, which was quite convenient for coming in and out and again accessible at all hours. I did find this one most of the people were very dog friendly and didn’t let me pass without saying hello. Again there is a charge for you to stay, but you still need to take your own bed and food. This one is very convenient if you are then travelling and need to get to the A1 which is quite nearby. Although if you do, it helps if you head the right way to get to it and don’t find yourself heading for the M1! Again it was convenient to find a spot for my water bowl, although there was a little less room in the bathroom. The only downside if you are a nervous dog is that the doors make more noise so you hear more of people coming and going. Fortunately, I don’t feel the need to bark when I hear things. Because of that I’m only going to give this one 3 ½ bones.

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