Monday 27th February 2017 – Can you doggies help?

I do hope Alfie isn’t going to be cross with me as I’ve been making some changes to his website. I’ve added a travel page that I can put all my reviews under so you can find them easily. I’ve also designed our bone rating system so you can see easily how many bones we’ve given to a place. I think he’ll like it but he’s still resting as he’s just starting on his new medication.

What I thought was, if any of you well travelled dogs would like to send in reviews for me to add to the site then I could include many more places. We’re not interested in whether your humans can get a good meal. They can find all that from other places. What we want to know is what is it like as a dog to stay there? The sorts of things we want to know about are: Is it friendly? Do they charge for you to stay? Do you need to take your own bed? Is there car parking close enough to the hotel for you to feel safe if your human has to leave you in the car for a short while? Are there bins for when your human clears up after you? Is there enough room for your bed to be where you want it without you getting stepped on? Is there somewhere in the bathroom for your water bowl without you tripping over a human? Can you easily get in and out for the toilet at any time of day or night? Mum can testify that finding yourself locked out at some unearthly hour because a hotel is short staffed and the front desk person is elsewhere is no fun! Is there somewhere you can sit to eat with your human? Or for them to have a drink with you? Obviously if you are provided with extras we really need to know about those too. We might cover pubs and restaurants too if there are any you’d like to add. Pubs would be a good one then my humans might take me.

This morning I’m going to be giving Alfie the blanket we brought back from his girlfriend. I can’t wait to see his face. Hopefully Mum will get a picture for you. Here’s a picture of his girlfriend, Bella sitting on the blanket when we saw her.

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