Tuesday 28th February 2017 – New medication

Well I started on my beta-blockers yesterday and so far my Mistress says she cannot see any difference. Dad said that snooker players have been known to find that beta-blockers help their game and he asked if he would see an improvement in mine. I suggested he bought me a cue and come to that a snooker table, so I could find out. Our Mistress said she won’t take me swimming today just until she is happy with how I’m doing on the tablets. I don’t mind too much. Ari needs it more than I do at the moment so it’s probably best all round. Shadow is off to be weighed and our Mistress is eagerly waiting to find if she has stuck to her diet while our Mistress was away. Shadow turned it round and asked our Mistress if she has stuck to hers and at that point, oddly, did not receive a reply.

I’ve been enjoying being on the blanket that Bella lay on when our Mistress went to visit her. I’d have preferred to spend time with her in person, but that’s all a bit impractical with me not wanting to go anywhere. This is at least the next best thing.

When I found Wilma earlier she was surrounded by pieces of paper with her ideas for her travel reviews. She has got quite excited about the whole thing and is busy writing to some of her friends to see if they would like to submit reviews. I even heard her asking our Mistress to help her create a map with all the locations on to make them easy for people to find. Then she started asking me, Shadow and Aristotle about the hotels we’ve stayed in so she can add some more in rather than wait until she stays at places. I think she has found her niche and is very happy about it. She says she is seeing her trip to Switzerland later this year in a whole new light now she has to think about what bone ratings she will give.

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