Thursday 2nd March 2017 – A week to go

Wilma is becoming insufferable. There is now only a week until she will be at Crufts and she is one excited puppy. Our Mistress has been trying remind her, with some difficulty, of what she has to do when she is in the show ring on the Sunday. The biggest challenge will come from the fact that it won’t actually be our Mistress in the ring with her. Basil’s mum is going to take her as she has rather more idea what she’s doing than our Mistress and to be fair to our Mistress all the turning around she has to do, particularly when practising only sets off her vertigo, which is no fun at all. Anyway, for the next week Wilma will be reminded about showing her teeth nicely and remembering to stand nicely when asked. Shadow is a bit of a lost cause on that one. If Robyn can get Shadow to decide not to sit down she will be doing better than the rest of us. She says that at her age she should be allowed to sit down whenever she likes. As long as she doesn’t go one better and lie down we’ll be all right. Shadow will have the biggest challenge as she has to get our Master up in time to drive her down for the show on the Sunday. Wilma is staying down there as she’s there every day, but Shadow said she only wanted to go on the day. Let’s hope she doesn’t oversleep. Although she has not yet been weighed today, in fairness to Shadow she does seem to be developing a slight waist, so all is not lost.

Wilma is preparing all the things she wants to do this year. She is planning to do more reporting than she did last year, now she knows a bit more what to expect and is going to see if any of the stands she likes would like to do a promotion with us to benefit all of you.

The countdown begins!

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